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Gold Top Valve  can  offer a  comprehensive range of Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly and Plug Valves in  forged and  cast  steel  according  to  the  main  International Standards. The material  is  sourced   from  Quality Approved suppliers around the world

Gold Top Valve  commands strong  buying power, giving it access to world’s most renowned valve manufacturers at  reasonable prices. We have developed reputation for being able  to source material worldwide.

Our market consists  of  end-users, contractors, traders in:-  oil,  gas,   petrochemical,  power generation, marine and water industries.

The prime objective of the  company  is  to  maintain and improve market leadership in the  supply of our products “off-the-rack” by maintaining large  stock   of  valves at any point of time with a vast product choice.

Our  office  and   warehouse  facilities  are  strategically located in Wen zhou in order to serve our  customers with maximum efficiency.

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