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Corporate Culture

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Gold Top   Industrial Valves manufactures valves and that why the technical office can adapt to the needs of its customers. A proof of that is the construction of tailor-made valves according to customer requirements, designing operation devices up to 10 meters long.

Valve calculations combine finite elements with the design codes ASME and API, being able to show under request its designs through strain gauge measurement tests.

Gold Top   Industrial Valves has foundries specialized in valve casting. The metallic materials used are cast iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, nickel and copper.

Being always at the forefront of technology, FEVISA Industrial Valves has state-of-the-art production tools.

Our welding works, including Weld deposit overlay, are endorsed by procedures according to ASME IX. More and more involved and focused at R&D&i, Gold Top  Industrial Valves has a promising future.

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